Sexual Harassment

If you have been sexually harassed

Tell the harasser assertively that you do not like the behavior and expect it to stop.

Consider sending a letter that tells the harasser to stop. The letter should give details about the behavior or incidents that you find offensive, your reactions to them, and what you want to happen.

If you confront the harasser face to face, ask a friend to join you. Do not feel that you need to be modest about embarrassing the harasser—it is your rights that have been violated.

Do not feel guilty. You did not cause the harassment, and you are not responsible for it.

Write down what happened - who, when, where, what was said or done, and witnesses, etc. Be as specific as possible.

Report the harassment to the Office for Institutional Equity and Compliance, the Dean of Students, or other school official.

Reporting harassment

Office for Institutional Equity and Compliance

Office for Institutional Equity and Compliance
Missouri State University
Carrington Hall 205
901 S. National Avenue
Springfield, MO 65897

Phone: 417-836-4252
Toll Free: 877-967-8636
Fax: 417-836-3055
TTY: 417-836-3257

Dean of Students Office

Dr. Michele Smith, Dean of Students
Plaster Student Union, Room 405

Counseling Center

If you have difficulty coping, contact the Counseling Center at 417-836-5116.

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