Alcohol and Other Drug Services

Confidential alcohol and drug related assessments and services are provided at the Counseling Center to students currently enrolled at Missouri State University. Assessments require one session and may require a second follow-up session with a clinician specializing in substance use counseling. The assessment will involve an interview and standardized assessment tools. Students may also be seen for brief substance use counseling or referred elsewhere, as appropriate.

Please be aware that the Counseling Center does not conduct court-mandated drug/alcohol assessments or counseling.


The Counseling Center provides a wide array of alcohol and other drug services to currently enrolled students. Services range from information and referral services to assessments, counseling, and educational programs.

Substance use assessment

The Counseling Center provides assessments for currently enrolled University students. There is no fee associated with the assessment for voluntary students. Students referred by the Office of Student Conduct will incur a fee for an assessment. Students interested in scheduling an assessment should call 417-836-5116 for more information.

What is a Substance Use Assessment?

A Substance Use Assessment is a comprehensive interview that includes a review of the individual’s substance use history, health related questions, and family and personal history.

Students will also complete standardized alcohol and other drug assessment tools, which takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Do I have to do anything after the assessment?

After completing the assessment, results along with recommendations and possible referrals are given to the student. The student will also receive education about potential harmful consequences of continued alcohol and drug use. A second follow-up appointment may be scheduled two weeks from the assessment.

Is counseling required?

Students may pursue counseling but counseling services cannot be mandated. The Substance Use Assessment may not be used for legal purposes, such as alcohol or drug related charges (DWI, MIP) or court-ordered treatment. A referral will be made for students with legal involvement.


The Center offers counseling to currently enrolled MSU students for a variety of different challenges including those who wish to decrease or terminate their substance use. There are no fees or charges for counseling related services.


If a student is in need of more intensive services a referral may be made. Some examples include medical detoxification, intensive outpatient, or residential treatment. Several referral options exist for students with alcohol and other drug concerns.

Resources for students

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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Information on alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs:



Resources for parents

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Al-Anon Family Groups

More information

For more information contact the Counseling Center at 417-836-5116 or