Our Mission

Supporting student well-being, development and success.

Under our mission we promote the following Ideals

  • Student Self-Acceptance
  • Development
  • Positive Connections through Ethical and Collaborative Processes for Change

Our Core Values

  • Cultural Consciousness and Identity Development
  • Compassion, Acceptance and Respect
  • Resiliency and Prevention
  • Goal Development and Creative Problem Solving
  • Competency and Integrity
  • Support and Being a Catalyst for Change
  • Altruism and Service

Our Goal

The primary goal of Missouri State Counseling Center is to provide preventive and therapeutic mental health services for the university student community.

Student in counseling

Land Acknowledgement

We humbly acknowledge the traditional ancestral territory of the Osage, Sioux, Kickapoo, and Kaskaskia First Nations, which has historically been cared for and inhabited by these peoples and holds significance as part of the Trail of Tears. By honoring the land and its Indigenous caretakers, we recognize and respect the enduring connection these nations have with this territory. With this acknowledgment, we commit ourselves to addressing the injustices perpetuated by oppressive systems that expelled Indigenous peoples from their lands and suppressed their right to self-determination and sovereignty. We pledge to actively learn from Indigenous wisdom, experiences, and resilience. The process of knowing and acknowledging the land we stand on is a way of honoring and expressing gratitude for the ancestral people who were on this land before us. For more information on Trail of Tears, refer to: Multi-State: Trail of Tears National Historic Trail (U.S. National Park Service) (nps.gov).

Trail of Tears Historic Marker