Self Help Links


Apps and Websites

  • Mine'd (Free App)
  • Daylio App - Mood tracking App
  • Finch (self-care app)
  • (App) #self-care _ App has customizable avatar & de stress games
  • Calm Harm: Self-soothing/distress tolerance app - effective distress tolerance app available to soothe & manage dysregulation, self-harm urges, or panic attacks
  • Circulo (App)
  • Five Minute Journal (App)
  • MoodNotes (App)
  • BetterSleep (App)
  • Grateful: A Gratitude Journal (App)
  • Happify (App)
  • SuperBetter: Get Stronger, Happier, and More Resilient (App)
  • Stigma: Crowdsourcing Hope (App)
  • Article on Stress Management practices:
  • Dr Daniel G. Amen, MD -@docamen (TikTok and Instagram)
  • Kati Morton - @katimorton (TikTok)  



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