What Students Say About Us

Counseling Center 

The Counseling Center (CC) has a good reputation on campus! On average, each student who comes the Center attends about four counseling sessions. At the completion of counseling, students are offered an anonymous satisfaction survey. In all, 48 students chose to complete the survey in the 2013-14 academic year.

Detailed results of the student ratings on the survey appear in the table below.

My counselor showed an interest in me and my problems. 93.5% 3.9% 1.3%
I could trust him/her with my problems. 96.1% 2.6% 1.3%
My counselor encouraged me to make my own decisions. 92.2% 7.8% 0.0%
Effectiveness of services for helping with your problem. 81.8% 18.2% 1.4%
Quality of service received. 93.5% 6.5% 0.0%
I would recommend Counseling Center services to a friend. 93.5% 6.5% 0.0%

Influence of personal problems on academic work

Personal problems can impact academic work and ability to stay at Missouri State University.

Many students find that the personal concerns they are dealing with have a negative impact on their performance in the classroom and on their ability to remain enrolled at Missouri State University. However, students who reported seeking assistance with their personal concerns at the Center had a positive impact on these same areas.

There were 16 individuals (35.1%) who stated that their problems interfered with their ability to conduct their academic work. Of those 14 individuals, 33.8% stated that the CC services assisted them in remaining in school, 30.3% stated the CC services helped them improve their academic work.

In addition, there were 5 individuals (13.5%) who indicated that they considered leaving Missouri State University due to their concerns.

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